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Such Great Heights
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Age. 31
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. dog
Location Im everywhere you want to be!, WA
School. Other
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Friday. 4.29.05 9:47 pm
well today i proved to myself that i really cant tell a lie, and there are times that i really want to tell the truth, but i cant, damn shame huh. anyways, i just finished packing, im goin on a fatty 20 mile hike tomorrow, up snoqualmie pass^_^ im gunna be so dead, like you have no idea! then i get to come homw just in time to do homework for monday, after that i get to go to school where half the students in the school are failing and i am continuously losing my temper, and getting angry, the battle in my head remains, but somehow i felel that i know the cause, but i cont do anythign about it.

i'm just the opposite
I am constantly lying… it's like my head is just filled with all these ideas that blow me away. but don't take my word for it could just be more Bollocks
» CONDESCENDme on 2005-08-30 03:12:02

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